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Finishing Touches

Promotional mugs work best when they are unique and memorable. Why not add one of our many finishing touches to your mug or glassware to ensure that it gets used time and time again.

Handle flashes and gilding are great ways to incorporate your companies colours to the mug to make it look truly customised.

Government measures and banding are optional extras for our great glassware range.

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Handle Flashes
Handle flashes are a single brush stroke of colour on the handle of your chosen mug.
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Gilding and Banding
A touch of elegance can be added by applying a precious metal rim to your mug or glass.
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Handle Printing
Add a great finishing touch with a handle print suitable for mugs with a fatter handle.
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Government Measures
This is needed when the glasses are to be used in a licensed premises and metered measures are not used.
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Inside Printing
Inside prints are a great way of getting your company slogan or website remembered time and time again.
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Back Stamps
Back stamps are a great way to add brand reinforcement or can be used to print numbers on a limited run.
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